Conversy supercharges digital marketing and support channels with powerful conversation bots. They use natural language processing and artificial intelligence to reach business goals. It's an enterprise-grade platform for business users. No coding required!

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Conversation Bots for B2B Digital Marketing

Conversy Campaign Bots convert anonymous website visitors into qualified leads with artificial intelligence. Proactively start conversations that guide people to reach your business goals. Design public or private experiences to nurture contacts through your funnel. Never miss a digital opportunity to engage and drive growth.

Design conversation flows without writing code!

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Campaign Bots

  • Capture information, qualify leads, and book meetings

  • Promote and unlock content through conversations

  • Live in landing pages, buttons, or hyperlinks

  • Auto-track performance

  • Engage for the entire B2B customer lifecycle

  • Start conversations with cold, warm, or hot website traffic

  • Use targeting conditions that recognize visitors from ad campaigns to personalize communications at scale

  • Deliver innovative solutions for account-based marketing

  • Scale like wildfire to fill sales pipelines with qualified leads

  • Drive growth faster!

Let customers engage with you in their words

Answer Bots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to have conversations with customers. They seamlessly collaborate with Campaign Bots to respond to customer intents. Continuously improve their conversation skills with Analytics.  

Answer Bots

  • Respond whenever customers need answers

  • Get smarter with a visual conversation flow designer

  • Auto-match missed utterances to existing intents

  • Make small talk

  • Collaborate with humans if needed

Create public or internal experiences

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Add a Knowledge Base

Author articles for customer onboarding, product help, or internal training.
Have Answer Bots send people articles from your Knowledge Base.
A Knowledge Base is included in Conversy.

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No need to buy another system!

The Conversy CRM is integrated with Answer Bots and Campaign Bots to simplify collaboration between marketing, sales, and customer retention teams. Manage the complete lifecycle of your B2B customer relationships.

The Conversy CRM Can

Organize Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.
Auto update files with information captured during conversations with bots.
Extend to meet enterprise requirements, such as custom segments, fields, and objects.

Log Activities

Easily track sales activities inside the Conversy CRM.
Log activity on Leads, Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities without breaking your flow.

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Create and Manage Tasks

Edit contact information while inside a Conversation.
Create tasks, assign owners, and set due dates.

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Open a New Channel on Your Website

Facilitate business communication in real time. Deliver better customer experiences on public-facing websites. Enjoy private SaaS experiences for authenticated customers and employees.

The Website Messenger can

  • Introduce your team

  • Set reply expectations for customers

  • Track engagement trends

  • Deliver a custom conversation starter

  • Showcase brand color palettes and visuals

  • Let your have real-time conversations on digital channels

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Pre-built Integrations

The Conversy platform includes more than 15 pre-built integrations to easily share information with other systems.
Enterprise customers can create custom webhooks to pull and push information. 

Protect Privacy

Create authenticated experiences for you customers. Conversy is SOC 1 and SOC 2, and SSAE 70 compliant. 

Guarantee Security

Banking grade data transmission protocols ensure sensitive information stays private.
Get TLS 1.2 and SSL 3.0 for secure data transfers.

Install in 15 Minutes

Conversy’s rapid installation lets you focus on designing creative ways to engage customers!

Continue Conversations on Mobile Devices

Manage users, permissions, and see analytics on the go. Access contacts for walk-and-talk business meetings. Assign and manage tasks during conversations. Conversy is available for iOS and Android devices.