Campaign Bots Can

  • Capture information, qualify leads, and schedule meetings 

  • Promote and unlock case studies or e-books in conversation

  • Personalize communications at scale

  • Track goals, progress, and engagement

  • Unlock gated content after capturing info

  • Store interaction data to improve

Start Goal-Oriented Conversations

  • Communicate to cold, warm, or hot website traffic with precise targeting

  • Continue conversations based on ads, location, device, and more

  • Display on specific landing pages

  • Use artificial intelligence to increase conversion rates

  • Route conversations to a human at any time

Book Meetings For You

Stop wasting time emailing back and forth about what time is best to talk. Connect your calendar to Conversy, so campaign bots can put meetings directly on your it. Set your availability. Then see your calendar fill up. Conversy syncs with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365. Custom calendar integrations are available.

Auto Update the CRM

Conversy’s integrated CRM simplifies collaboration between bots and humans. No need to pay yet another system. The Conversy CRM is included for free!

Information captured during conversation are organized into Conversy’s CRM. Score leads, set conversion value amounts, and connect all records to a person’s profile. Manage your entire sales workflow with our enterprise-grade CRM. 

Quantify Campaign Impact

Discover meaningful patterns in your data on your Analytics dashboard. 

  • Quantify goal completions and value 

  • See bot displays versus engagements over time

  • Identify conversion rates by goal 

  • Compare human to bot productivity

  • Fine tune bot behavior to optimize conversion rates